Welcome to Scentwork East delivering Scentwork UK training in ESSEX - Levels 1 through to 4. I am also a Scentwork UK approved Judge and Trial Manager. Offering courses, classes & 121's for all ages and abilities.

Scentwork East, run by Kalma - covering Essex

Welcome to Scentwork East – covering Essex
We are certified to run Scentwork UK courses from level 1 through to 4 !

I have a good 6 year background working with my own dogs then other dogs and have worked my dogs in a variety of scent disciplines including working to the gun, blood tracking, tracking, scent cloths, trick scentwork and search squares.

The courses will be aimed at every dog, from those who have already done some scent work to those pet dogs who may not have ever tried a thing, everyone will be amazed at how their dogs progress and I will ensure ever dog experiences successes every week.

Courses will cover box & luggage searches, vehicle searches, exterior searches and interior searches.

Courses will begin on a simple level and progress through to scent only searches and blind searches where you have no idea where its been hidden and simply let your dog do the work!

Lovely indoor venue to enable indoor searches and external area to enable external and vehicle searches.



For more details or enquiries please call 07917 445830 or email mail@scentworkeast.co.uk or visit our FB page Scentwork East

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